Online Businesses vs. Internet Marketers: Our Policy on Affiliates


We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

photodune-5409745-travel-lThere are people who have online businesses, and sometimes they recommend people and products they love. They treat the collection of people who have signed up for their list or buy their products and services like human beings, even in this vast, digital universe.

Then there are people who are the sleazy kind of internet marketers. They care less about the human and more about the conversions and your estimated lifetime value to them as a customer.
The differences are subtle and nuanced, but we think it’s important. 

We like to think we are the former, not the latter. Don’t get us wrong, we are in business to make money. And we do it online. But we are also in business to make the lives of other humans better.

If you see us recommending something or someone, it’s because we love them or we’ve used and love what they made. We will let you know if we are making money off of it. 

Why do we recommend other people and their goods? Because more often than not, they are the building blocks to our success or sanity or both. We sometimes give a shout out on social media to people or products that we love. We only share products or services that have deeply impacted us or are made by people that we hold close to our hearts.
Affiliates: We love it when you want to share the word about what we are up to. Deepest bow. We love it even more when you’ve used our goods and can speak to the virtues yourself.
If it’s something like credit repair, and you don’t need credit repair yourself, let’s find someone on your team or in your life with a few bumps on their credit that can test it for you so you can speak authentically.
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