Build Your Business Credit in Your Business EIN Without a Personal Credit Check or Personal Guarantee

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From getting your personal credit back on track to business credit and mortgage preparation coaching, we’ve got you covered.

Business Credit

There are two kinds of business credit:

One requires your personal guarantee and a personal credit check.

The other is corporate credit that is based on the business’s credit file and guarantee.

Both can be useful.

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Business Credit

Know you need business credit and ready to jump in?

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Business Credit

If you need funding for your business, we’ve got lots of options. All of them require one of the following: good personal credit, good cash flow or good collateral. I can help you with any of the following:

Unsecured business lines of credit

Credit Card Stacking (0% interest credit cards for 6-18 months)

Revenue Lending

Merchant Cash Advances

Account Receivable Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Startup Unsecured Business Financing

Book-of-business Financing

401k Financing (Yes we do those too)

Securities Financing

Commercial Vehicle Financing

Commercial Real Estate

Venture Capital

Private Investment

Equity Investments

Inventory Financing

Equipment Financing


SBA Loans

Term Loans

Business Lines-of-Credit

House Fix-and-Flip Financing

Buy and Hold

Want to discuss your options? Send us an email.

Happy Clients

I had a rough beginning to 2015 financially – to the point that I almost had to file bankruptcy. As you can imagine, it took a hard hit on my credit.  From working with Cassie, my credit score has gone up 140 points in only 4 months!  The investment was invaluable to what this has done for my personal life — home ownership, here I come! 

Gena Shingle Jaffe

Sparkly Lawyer Extraordinaire

With Cassie’s help, I increased my credit score from 620 to over 800 in only a handful of months. Talk about miracle work! SO so so grateful for her support – I couldn’t have done it without her!

Jordana Jaffe

Facebook Group Strategist Intimate businesses for inspired introverts